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Our dedicated Physician Assistant (PA) client started the business as a startup offering online mentorship to new and current PA students looking to excel in the field. They sought to expand their target reach and enhance target community engagement with the site's specific features and web design. Despite their invaluable mentorship services, they needed more online presence due to their reliance on the site's old HTML. Our client needed a practical and appealing digital presence with a vital CMS like WordPress to effectively connect with field-interested aspirants and the broader community.

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Our digital marketing experts undertook a detailed strategy centered around web development to address our client's unique challenge. The critical components of our strategy covered:

Creating a user-friendly web design that is flexible to adapt to various devices and locations for an optimal user experience.

Efficient design for clients to update content and new pages and upload images to the site.

Implementing SEO best practices, we optimized the website's content for our client business's specific needs to make it efficient for users and search engines with strategic keyword placement and content organization.

We incorporated interactive elements such as live chat, appointment scheduling, and a blog section to help users with service specialties and updates for effective user engagement.

Utilizing social media potential, we integrated sharing buttons and live feeds to connect the website directly with our client's social platforms.

Mobile-friendly and conversion-centered design attracts visitors to book appointments.

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Our remarkable web design and development efforts yielded positive results, including:

Within the first three months, a 45% increase in website traffic, a significant boost in online visibility.

The interactive features implemented led to a 30% increase in user engagement, allowing users to spend more time on the site and actively participate in social forums.

Through SEO optimization, the client’s site climbed in search engine rankings and achieved a 25% increase in organic search traffic for a broader audience interested in the PA mentorship.

The website's improved design and functionality received positive feedback from users, resulting in a 20% increase in inquiries and appointments.

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