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MedsDental Medical Billing company approached our digital marketing agency to improve its online presence and extend its clients across the globe. Before enlisting Mesh sq’s marketing, the company faced the challenge of low profile, hindering the potential clients from approaching their specialized billing solutions because the advertising was aimed at the local level. Increasing organic traffic for the client’s website required improved digital advertising to appeal to targeted communities, boosted conversion rates, and improved Google Reviews from a 3.2 average star rating.

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Our experts analyzed the need for social media marketing and paid advertising strategies to increase the brand’s identity and conversion rates. By generating a combined marketing strategy with PPC marketing and social media, we observed the client business drive increased potential reach and target community interaction.
Our organic social media marketing strategy covered:

Optimizing social media presence

Consistent post frequency

Creating content to target different audiences through all channels

Utilizing various social media features, including highlights, instagram stories, reels, and guides to increase engagement

Creating frequent short video content

Utilizing Google Analytics to track organic social performance and client’s goals

Ensuring the client’s site has links to social platforms

Regular PPC optimization

Launching PPC Marketing campaigns to target high-intent searches

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Our six months of social media marketing, ads campaign, and PPC marketing strategy generated valuable results for the client’s business:

Highest site traffic with our on-page optimization

Increased sessions by 79.81%

Increased the number of new users by 75.42%

Increased site visits by 48.57% with direct traffic

Referral traffic derived a 79.54% increase in sessions

86.43% increase in unique visitors

The ultimate site results also highlighted almost 90% of users who scrolled the site and made an appointment through the Contact Us page

Our PPC Campaign launch also revealed good results as the service specialty group also collected 10,200 clicks, 2,221 conversions, and 2,594 phone calls from the Google Ads Channel

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