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House of Hina, a well-known outfits company, approached Mesh Sq digital marketing agency to overcome brand visibility challenges and drive business conversion with a clear goal of achieving a suitable digital marketing strategy and business ROI. Despite offering unique products, the company faced stiff competition and needed a strategic approach of branding and marketing experts.

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Our expert analysts realized the gaps in our client’s business site’s email design and created an all-inclusive digital marketing strategy. Working closely with the client helped our web experts rebuild email design, working perfectly to the essence of its product and increasing user experience. Our approach included:

Developing appealing content

Implementing target advertising campaigns

Partner with fashion influencers to promote the company’s outfits and increase its online presence on multiple social channels

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By closely monitoring e-commerce and campaign performance, Mesh sq developed critical optimization and marketing strategy to get the outcomes:

Social Media Marketing


Impressions: +1.2M

Post Engagement Rate: +22%

Followers: +328%


Followers: +415%

Impressions: +2.8M

Engagement Rate: +117%

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